导读:2022年1月1日,国际燕窝品牌燕俪人携手国际野生救援协会共同发起倡议保护金丝燕,拒绝野蛮燕窝。 On January 1, 2022, the International Birds nest brand YLR and the International Wildlife Rescue Association jo...


  On January 1, 2022, the International Bird's nest brand "YLR" and the International Wildlife Rescue Association jointly launched an initiative to protect the Golden Swallow and reject the savage bird's nest.


  Guo Jingjing is the wildlife rescue Ambassador of the International Wildlife Rescue Association.


  The international wildlife rescue association is a famous international organization for the protection of endangered animals and plants. Together with animal protection organizations, local communities, schools, governments, media and celebrities, it advocates not to buy and consume endangered species products. The call of the International Wildlife Rescue Association for "no harm without business" is deeply rooted in China. Jackie Chan, Li Ning, Zhang Ziyi, Ang Lee, Liang Chaowei, Liu Huan, Michelle Yeoh and other world famous people and Olympic champions were invited to record TV and radio programs to encourage individuals, governments and companies to actively participate in wildlife protection activities.


  Bird's nest is a traditional tonic. From the perspective of traditional medicine, bird's nest nourishes Yin, moistens dryness, replenishes Qi, nourishes beauty, so bird's nest is also regarded as a tonic treasure. The bird's nest built by ordinary domestic swallows cannot be eaten. The bird's nest built by swiftlets living in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand is the real "bird's nest" after picking and processing.


  With the improvement of living standards, bird's nest consumption has increased by more than 30% per year in the past few years, and the Chinese mainland's bird's nest market is nearly 100 billion yuan per year. Driven by economic interests, the swifts' nests were wildly picked. The survival, growth and life of swiftlets are facing severe challenges.


  The International Wildlife Rescue Association pointed out that "the swiftlet is not included in the list of endangered wild animals, and the wild and crazy picking of bird's nest is legal. This situation has exacerbated the reduction of the number of swiftlets. Our current initiative is more forward-looking, and people can't take action until they find that swiftlets enter the territory".


  Wang Hai, CEO of yanliren, proposed that "rejecting the barbaric bird's nest is one of the most realistic and feasible actions to protect the Golden Swallow". In spring, in order to lay eggs and hatch, the swifts build their nests big and thick. When the young swallows grow up, their parents leave. In order to find a mate, Xiaoyan needs to tear down the "old house" left by her parents and build a nest again.


  The old house left by swallow's parents is called the first official swallow. In ancient times, only the first stage official swallow was picked. The first stage official swallow had good appearance and high nutritional value. In order to find my new nest, Xiaoyan is actually the swallow's wedding house. From the perspective of protecting the Golden Swallow, destroying the swallow's marriage house will affect the swallow's normal reproduction. "Morally, we should not destroy the marriage house of swallows. Swallows are also creatures. It is unreasonable to destroy marriage.".


  "The bird's nest industry has a scale of nearly 100 billion and millions of jobs. To protect the Golden Swallow is not to ban the industry. Our initiative today is not to reject the bird's nest, but to reject the barbaric bird's nest. Picking the first stage official swallow has no impact on the swallow. It also helps the swallow reduce the workload, speed up the construction of new houses, and is conducive to the reproduction of the Golden Swallow. In addition to the first stage official swallow, the other second stage official swallow Three, three and four stages have a great impact on the reproduction of swallows. "


  "Even some people are greedy for profit and spread rumors that the swiftlet builds its nest four times a year. The swiftlet builds its nest four times a year because it has been destroyed four times. Only the first stage bird's nest is to be demolished by the swiftlet, so we propose to pick only the first stage official swallow", introduced Wang Hai, CEO of YanliRen.


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